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ISO Certification

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What is ISO Certification or What is ISO Certified?

Introduction to ISO Certification

ISO Certification Bureaumen

ISO Certification is the Process of evaluation and approval of Organizational Management System that meets the requirements of ISO Standards. Auditors from the Certification Bodies are review the companies implemented ISO management system against the respective ISO standards requirements, then issues the ISO Certification to an organization, then the Companies is said to be ISO Certified!.

It is necessary to understand that the only accredited Certification Body’s certificates are valid and recognized by IAF (International Accreditation Forum). The biggest myth ever that ISO gives the Certifications to Companies around the world. No, the ISO Organization only publishes the ISO standards and do not provide any certificates of any kind to any organization. ISO registrars or Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) or Certification Body (CB) will issues the Certificates based on the audits conducted for an organization. To ensure the authenticity or credibility of any CAB or CB, that should be recognized by Accreditation Body (AB).

ISO Certification Bureaumen

What is the process of ISO Certification

ISO Certification Process

In the Current business marketplace, it is evident and essential that getting an ISO Certification for a organization is added-advantage. ISO Certification gives you the extra value and get you ahead in the business competition. Well-documented procedures ensures the better services or products delivery

ISO Certification Process is defined as follows,

  • ISO Standard Implementation in Organization.
  • Submitting ISO registration application to respective Certification body.
  • Documented system including procedures, policies and manuals are evaluated by Auditors from Certification Body.
  • Stage – 1 Audit : Confirming the readiness of organization to comply with the ISO requirements. This is the initial stage audit, can be conducted remotely to verify the meeting minimum criteria of any ISO standard requirements.
  • Stage – 2 Audit : This is the final Certification audit after the initial audit, The Stage-2 audit will be conducted in business site (On-site audit). 
  • Issue of ISO Certification to organization.
  • Surveillance Audits each year through out the Certification Period.
ISO Certification Process Bureaumen

All issued ISO Certificates are valid for 3 years i.e. the validity of the any ISO Certificate is 3 years.

The Validity of ISO Certificate is subjected to the Surveillance audits at the end of each year.

Surveillance audit is the process of evaluating the certified system is in order or align with requirements of ISO. So, it is essential to maintain the Certification status, organization has to comply with all requirements of respective ISO standard and have to update the documents and records over the time through Internal Audits.


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What are benefits of ISO Certification?

ISO Certification Benefits

There are many benefits for an Organization when it implements and maintains the ISO Management System and ISO Certified system.  It is the top management’s responsibility to get the ISO management system to be implemented & Certified and build a sustainable business opportunity for the future growth of any organization. Some of the best and highly influenceable benefits of ISO Certified system are,

ISO Certification in India
  • Highly focused system to identify opportunities and risks.
  • Improvement in Customer-Satisfaction.
  • Enhanced internal Management System.
  • Improved Process-Integration.
  • Improved Decision making based on the evidence.
  • A risk-based thinking approach makes business more sustainable. 
  • Better engagement and utilization of resources.
  • Continual Improvement Opportunities.
  • Enrich the Organization’s brand reputation.
  • Governmental Tender Eligibility

How much does ISO Certification cost?

Cost of ISO Certification

The cost of ISO Certification is defined based on several factors. Bureaumen International calculates the cost involved in ISO Certification considering the following factors. 

  • Type of ISO Standard (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, or ISO 13485 etc.).
  • Current Management System Complexity.
  • Number of Employees (Required to calculate Auditors Man-day).
  • Number of Processes (Required to calculate Auditors Man-day).
  • Number of Locations to be implement and audit.
  • Selected Certification Body & Accreditation Body.
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